Casual hairstyle
Hair braiding without washing (drying price not included)4000 Ft
Casual hairstyle without washing (drying price not included)10000 Ft
Wedding hairstyle20000 Ft
Balayage + Drying medium hair (price of haircut and drying not included)30000 Ft
Short hair7000 Ft
Semi-short hair8000 Ft
Long hair9000 Ft
Girl child (under 10 years)5000 Ft
Men's haircut4500 Ft
Boy child (under 10 years)3500 Ft
Hair coloring
Highlights + Cut short hair15500 Ft
Highlights + Cut semi-short hair16500 Ft
Highlights + Cut long hair18500 Ft
Dyeing + Cut short hair14500 Ft
Dyeing + Cut semi-short hair15500 Ft
Dyeing + Cut long hair17000 Ft
Dyeing + Drying short hair12500 Ft
Dyeing + Drying semi-short hair13500 Ft
Dyeing + Drying long hair15000 Ft
Highlights + Drying short hair13000 Ft
Highlights + Drying semi-short hair15000 Ft
Highlights + Drying long hair17000 Ft
Style Drying
Short Hair4000 Ft
Semi-short Hair5000 Ft
Long Hair6000 Ft
Hair extension (long hair)5500 Ft
Permanent hair straightening
Permanent hair straightening with keratin long hair + drying28000 Ft