László Kovács
Senior Stylist
Short hair5650 HUF4550 HUF
Semi-short hair5900 HUF4900 HUF
Long hair6500 HUF5600 HUF
Mail haircut3500 HUF3500 HUF
Children haircut (until the age of 12)2500 HUF2500 HUF
Children haircut with groomer (until the age of 12)2000 HUF2000 HUF
Adjustment (from the above prices)-500 HUF-500 HUF
Style Drying
László Kovács
Senior Stylist
Short Hair2900 HUF2900 HUF
Semi-short Hair3200 HUF3200 HUF
Long Hair3500 HUF3500 HUF
HairCare with Profiber+1500 HUF
Hair Binding3600 HUF + drying
Bride Bun12000 HUF
Blond Dying 90 HUF / g
Only at roots (approx 40g)3600 HUF
Whole (approx 80g)7200 HUF
Permanent and Temporary Hair Colours (140 HUF / g)
Short Hair (50g)7000 HUF
Whole (80g)10400 HUF
Short Hair200 HUF / film
Semi-short Hair220 HUF / film
Long Hair230 HUF / film
Hair extension (hot fusion)
Buildup190 HUF / clip
Removal5000 HUF
Repair40 HUF / clip